Mert İpek

Who we are

Our Mission

To produce high quality 100% natural and organic, creatively designed textile products and serve them to middle and high income level consumer groups who have sufficient knowledge and interest of natural/organic textile products at reasonable prices.

Our Vision

We aim to become one of the best textile factories in the world for all kind of textile products made with natural fibres.

Mert Ipek is the only silk factory in Turkey.

As a company policy we only work with natural fibres such as Silk, Linen and Wool, cupro, organic cotton and viscose with various blends; woven & jersey fabrics are natural elements of our collection. After 2011, we have also started garment production, added to our fully integrated factory.

Our journey has started at the end of the Silk road by the 1949, in Birgi. Our region was famous for it’s silk production in those days. Tahir Mert bought his first weaving looms and started the business in silk fabric supply to local market. He was genious enough to fight technical impossibilities by his inventions like for old machines.

After his dead by 1981, Zeki Mert take over the business. In 1984, after his marriage with Gulten Mert; Mert Ipek founded. Together they made the business grow from local to territorial.

With 3rd generation today, we are proud to be one of top 100 fast growing companies of Turkey. Now Mert Ipek is the leading company who produces Silk in Turkey.

We create our own collection of fabrics by starting from fibre. We use our knowledge, technology, and experience combining with fashion trends in our own way. Our product range is very wide so that our clients are also very wide: from world’s famous ready-wear textile brands or biggest retail brands to small boutiques or even single consumers and designers.

We do not only serve our products, but also give consulting about natural fibres technically in garment production or for everyday usage in general concept. We inform our customers in detail about our products in terms of cultural, technical background and standards of their structure. We do not see our customers as tools to make more profit. We invest in our relationships and it continuously develops with them, and it always helps us to adopt our company and business model according to their changing demands.

By the help of direct connections with the market, Mert Ipek invests for changes. We invest for changes in terms of fastness and increasing our capacity to produce and serve better day by day to our customers from all around the world.

We invest in our future not only for the technology and business growth, but also to our society and our environment. We believe that healthy growth will be only possible with sustainability.

We feel responsible about all the consequences that we are actors in, and our company ideology has never been about saving the day.

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