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In quality control department 100% of customer’s order is controlled after the production. We have report and archival storage system for all the orders of our customers.

We adjust 4-point System in Quality check and this system assigns 1, 2, 3 and 4 penalty points according to the size, quality, and significance of the defect. Whenever errors are recognized during fabric inspection under 4 points system and defect must be assigned a number of points depending on the severity or length.Fabric inspection is done in suitable and safe environment with enough ventilation and proper lighting.

  • Fabric passing through the frame must be between 45-60 degree angles to inspector and must be done on appropriate D-65-TL84-TL85 fluorescent bulbs above viewing area. Back light can be used as and when needed.
  • Fabric speed on inspection machine must not be more than 15 mts per minute.
  • Standard approved bulk dye lot standards for all approved lots must be available prior to inspection (if possible)
  • Approved standard of bulk dye lot must be available before starting inspection for assessing color, construction, finish and visual appearance.
  • Shade continuity within a roll by checking shade variation between centre and selvage and the beginning, middle and end of each roll must be evaluated and documented.
  • Textiles like knits must be evaluated for weight against standard approved weight.
  • Fabric width must be checked from selvage to selvage against standard.
  • All defects must be flagged during inspection
  • The length of each roll inspected must be compared to length as mentioned on supplier ticketed tag and any deviation must be documented and reported to mill for additional replacement to avoid shortage.
  • If yarn dyed or printed fabrics are being inspected the repeat measurement must be done from beginning, middle and end of selected rolls.
  • No penalty points are recorded or assigned for minor defects. Only major defects are considered.

After this procedure of quality check is done, we save reports to our system and our customers can check quality reports online; before they confirmed the shipment. 

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