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Sampling Service

Hangers & In-Stock Sample Meters

When a customer demands a quality. We offer it with related alternative samples that can meet to customer’s needs.

Product samples’ lead time is nearly 7-10 days.


Orders Lab-dips

The next stage after agreed on quality is providing lap-dip.


If special color is demanded, we work on color alternatives on chosen qualitis and after 3-5 days we submit related lab-dips to inquiry.

Order Print Strike Off

Designs can be send ready-to-print or our design team can develop designs accordingly to the sourcing files.

After CAD is confirmed, accordingly to color references we provide strike off samples on requested quality within 5-7 days.

Order Customized Sample Fabric

With lowest minimums possible, we help you to make your collections possible.

After your labdips or strike off delivered you can order minimum 50mts. 

Lead Time & Shipment

Generally it takes 2-3 weeks for sampling productions.

We can make sipments as FOB, CIF or CFR terms. Express, truck or seahipments are possible. 

If you want to feel and touch the fabric in your hands before buying it, we will send you a sample of 10 x 8 cm.
The sample service is free of charge (B2B).


Order Confirmation

After agreed on all production details (Quality/Color/Lead Time/Pricing/Delivering Process) sales contract is made and confirmed by two parties.

In Stock & Made To Order

We have 3 running collections. Basic collection includes running items which are always in stock. We have special & exclusive collections as well and their terms are changing accordingly to the quality.

Minimum Requirements

We can produce minimum 15m’s up to 30000 m’s at high quality and in the same quickness.

Quality, color and quantity options are much opened to change and with the help of flexibility and wide product range we can serve all type of customers from ultimate parent companies to boutique stores.

Quality Control Systems

In quality control department 100% of customer’s order is controlled after the production.

We are applying 4-point system and provide online quality reports and have archival storage system for all past orders.

Lead Time & Delivery Terms

Generally it takes 3-4 weeks for production is completed regardless of minimum.

We can make shipments as FOB, CIF or CFR terms. Express, truck or seashipments are possible.

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